Van Buren Township

VBT Early Voting February 17-25

From Saturday, February 17th through Sunday, February 25th, you can vote in person at Township Hall from 8 am-4 pm for the 2024 Presidential Primary Election

Distinct from absentee voting, early voting is a nine-day period of in-person voting that commences on the second Saturday before State and Federal elections and concludes on the Sunday before the election.

During early voting, voters cast their filled-in ballots through a tabulator. Once submitted, these ballots cannot be altered and will be securely stored until the end of the day. At that point, election workers from both political parties will place the ballots into a Secure Ballot Box, a secure repository for absentee ballots or applications to vote. This box is sealed, and the tabulator is temporarily suspended for the evening. It resumes operation the following morning after proper inspection, ensuring that vote tallies cannot be accessed before 8 pm on Election Day. This safeguards the votes' security, integrity, and validity. Keep an eye out for a mailer providing information about the locations of early voting sites.

Click here to learn more information about voting options for the 2024 Presidential Primary Election.