Van Buren Township

Animal Control

Animal Control is part of Van Buren Public Safety Department to promote animal welfare, educate the general public, and enforce our local animal ordinances. First and foremost, we ensure animal safety for our residents by picking up stray dogs. We also investigate animal cruelty/neglect complaints, advise on nuisance wildlife problems and assist homeowners with animal-related problems.  If you lost a pet or found one and would like to post that information please follow this link. Van Buren Township has ordinances and laws pertaining to pet ownership. If you would like more information click here.

NOTE: Van Buren Township Animal Control does not remove animal carcasses from the roadway. If you would like to report an animal that needs to be removed contact Wayne County Road Commission Dead Animal Removal (734) 753-4477. The Department of Agriculture is available at (517) 373-1077

If you need more information on other animal issues within Van Buren Township or have questions about laws and regulations you may call Animal Control Officer Bob Queener at (734) 699-8900 X9225 or you may e-mail him at this link.

More information about animals and lost pets may be found at the following links:
Feral cats are not picked up by Animal Control. This is considered a wild animal problem and should be handled through a wild animal removal service.