Van Buren Township

Notification from Michigan Health Alert Network

Potential for Increase Cold-related Illness (CRI) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Emergency Department (ED) Visits – January 17, 2024 

The National Weather Service (NWS) issued a wind chill advisory for much of the southern portion of Michigan on Wednesday, January 17. Parts of western Michigan are also still being impacted by lake-effect snow. The sub-zero wind chill will likely persist throughout the week, especially early in the day.

These conditions increase the risk of cold-related illness (CRI), particularly for more vulnerable populations such as those without shelter. Additionally, during power outages, people may use generators or other gas-powered equipment to power homes or provide a heat source. Improper use of such equipment can lead to Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisonings.

Here are some links to resources and information that will be helpful in responding to CRI and CO poisonings: 


MDHHS Cold Health and Safety and CO Resources: 


MDHHS Division of Environmental Health (DEH) Services: 

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