Van Buren Township

Happy 29th Birthday Belleville Area Independent!

Happy 29th Birthday, Belleville Area Independent! 

On January 5th, 1995, the Belleville Area Independent community paper was born, and it's still going strong today! 

This incredible journey started with the dedication of local residents and has been carried forward with love and integrity by the Editor, Rosemary K Otzman, and her staff. 

The Belleville Area Independent holds a special place in our hearts as one of the few FREE newspapers that genuinely connects and celebrates our community. 

 In an age where social media often dominates the news, this paper remains a beacon of objective journalism, offering a refreshing dose of reality. Some use it for advertising, others to cherish the memory of loved ones, but we all rely on it to stay connected.
We can't express enough gratitude for Rosemary Otzman's extraordinary devotion to the tri communities.

Through joyous occasions and challenging times, from board meetings to community festivals, she has always been there to capture the moments and report to us in the paper. 

In a world where real journalism is fading away and where many of us consume news through TikTok, it's truly remarkable that the Belleville Area Independent is still going strong. This is a testament to the staff's dedication and professionalism and our readers' unwavering support. 

Let's keep this incredible paper thriving for another 30 years! 

Please take a moment to wish the Belleville Area Independent a Happy Birthday!