Van Buren Township

VBT Water Meter Replacement Program

Mandatory Water Meter Replacement Program

Van Buren Township is implementing a mandatory water meter replacement program. This upgrade is absolutely essential as it will allow us to obtain precise readings remotely, alert you to potential leaks, and ensure accurate billing for your water usage. Your full cooperation in this effort is imperative.

This service call should take less than one hour to complete.

As a condition of providing water service to you, the VBT Water Department MUST have access to your home to read, inspect, and service your water meter. Please ensure your meter is readily accessible by providing a clear walking path to your meter and removing any furniture, appliances, shelving, boxes, or any obstructions surrounding your meter before the arrival of the service technician.

Please be aware that this is a Mandatory program, and no opt-out option is available. You can schedule an appointment by calling the VBT contractor, PMI, at 866-965-0657.

Please schedule an appointment for this service immediately to avoid any potential consequences, including service interruption and additional fees.  If you have any questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to call the VBT Water Department at 734-699-8925.

The residents who have already had their meter changed out since 2021,   thank you for your cooperation! You do not need to schedule. 

Van Buren Township greatly appreciates your prompt attention and cooperation in this essential process.