Van Buren Township

VBT Important Updates on Early and Absentee Voting

Dear Township Residents,

We want to inform you about some significant changes in voting procedures due to the passage of Proposal 2 in 2022. Voting is a fundamental aspect of our democratic process, and we are committed to ensuring that you have easy and accessible options to exercise your right to vote. Here are the latest updates:

  • Early Voting at EV Sites: Starting during the Presidential Primary in 2024, voters have the option to cast their ballots at an Early Voting (EV) site. Early Voting allows you to vote in person at a designated polling location and place your ballot through a tabulator for counting. This new feature aims to provide you with greater flexibility in how you choose to participate in the electoral process.
  • Early Voting Timing: Early Voting is only available during State and Federal elections, which always occur in even-numbered years. It is required to be open nine days before the Election, starting on the second Saturday before the Election and ending on the Sunday just before the Election. Polls will be open for eight hours each day during this period.

  • Early Voting Location: All Early Voting for Van Buren Township residents will be conducted at the Township Hall, making it convenient and accessible for residents of ALL precincts.

  • Additional Drop Box: We understand the importance of secure and convenient ballot drop-off options. In addition to the drop box in front of the Township building, we are adding a new one at the Fire Station located at 45400 Hull Road in Van Buren Township to enhance accessibility further.

  • Ballot Tracking: To provide transparency and peace of mind, we are implementing a ballot tracking system. You can track your ballot's status on If your ballot is sent to the post office and you don't receive it within three days, please contact us so we can address the issue promptly.

  • Permanent Ballot List: Voters can now apply once and will automatically receive a ballot for every Election. This is a change from the Permanent Absentee List, which required voters to apply for every Election. During the Presidential Primary, voters will receive an additional notice asking which party's ballot they wish to receive.

These changes are aimed at enhancing the accessibility, convenience, and transparency of the voting process in our township. We value your participation in our democracy and are committed to making the voting experience as smooth and efficient as possible.

Should you have any questions or require further information, please don't hesitate to contact our Township Office. Your engagement in the electoral process is vital to the health of our community, and we look forward to serving you in the upcoming elections.

Thank you for your continued commitment to civic participation.