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Tri-County Broadband Survey Aims to Expand Internet Infrastructure

Help inform broadband infrastructure planning in the Tri-County area! Take a brief 5-minute survey and broadband speed test to help create an accurate map of Internet connectivity in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb Counties. This data will be leveraged to assist in broadband planning efforts!

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The legislative bodies of the state’s most populated counties – Oakland, Wayne, and Macomb – convened to discuss and address matters and issues affecting our shared region at the annual Tri-County Summit in 2022. They identified broadband availability, accessibility and connectivity as a concern.

As a result, Oakland, Wayne, and Macomb counties have joined together to work with an experienced vendor – Merit Network – to plan and conduct a regional survey to identify availability, gaps, speed and accessibility of broadband. Previous surveys conducted in other counties in Michigan have demonstrated that the existing FCC maps of broadband coverage in Michigan are not accurate.  These maps are used as a major criterion in awarding grants.  Below is an example of what the FCC believes is the coverage and what the survey showed was the true coverage in one county.  The areas in green show where there is coverage and the areas in red are without coverage.

Internet Map oneInternet Map two

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