Van Buren Township

VBT Solid Waste Update July  2023

Solid Waste update:

As promised, here is a follow-up for all residents who participated in the solid waste public engagement.

The Township Board awarded our solid waste collection bid to Waste Management (WM) in April.  We have been working for the past few months to negotiate a final contract with WM.  The final contract was approved by the Township Board in June.  We wanted to highlight some items in the contract as well as some other efforts which have been completed by the Township. 

Solid Waste Service Fees:  The Township Board approved the 2023 fees for solid waste services.  The total 2023 annual cost for regular households receiving container service in the Township will be $165.84.  This fee will be split between the summer 2023 and the winter 2023 property tax bill and homeowners will see a $82.92 itemized fee on each tax bill.  This fee equals $13.82 per month which is under the $14 per month fee which we discussed during our public engagement meetings.

Solid Waste Collection Ordinance Update:  In May the Township Board adopted an ordinance update which gave the Township the ability to enter into a solid waste collection contract. In addition to this, it established some responsibilities for the solid waste contractors, it prohibits some unauthorized methods of disposal of solid waste, establishes requirements for vehicles, and established some rules regarding how long residential containers can be placed at the curb.  Under the ordinance, containers can only be at the curb 24 hours before the pickup day and have to be removed 24 hours after the pickup day. Please keep in mind if you live in a subdivision that has a homeowner’s association, this timeframe may be different.

Purchasing Additional Trash Containers:   In order to acquire an additional container for trash service, residents will be required to pay an additional monthly fee directly to WM of $6 per month/per can.  WM controls the cost of the rental fee.  As we have previously discussed, any household who already has purchased a second trash container will not be charged a monthly fee from WM.

Recycling Containers:  The recycling containers for all Township residents have been ordered by WM.  Due to delays in production we do not anticipate those containers being delivered until late summer or early fall.  Sixty-four (64)-gallon containers for recycling will be distributed at no additional charge to all households in the Township who do not already have them.

Acceptable Curbside Containers:  Removal of all solid waste at curbside will be done mechanically. Due to this only WM containers will be acceptable for trash and recycling pick up.  Trash bags can no longer be placed on the ground.  Cardboard that has been broken down will be acceptable next to the recycling container. Yard Waste will be picked up manually and can be placed in brown paper bags or 32-gallon containers with yard waste sticker.

Cart Swap Timeframe:  There will be a six (6) month amnesty period starting after the delivery of the recycling container where residential units can request a container switch (i.e., swap a 64-gallon recycling container for a 96-gallon container or 96-gallon trash container for a 64-gallon trash can).  This time period will start after the delivery of the recycling container.  Please contact the Township at 734-699-8926 or via email at if you are interested.

Bulk Items/White Goods:  Starting July 1, WM will be accepting 1 single bulk item per week curbside.   Please,  contact the Township at 734-699-8926 or via email at to schedule this collection.

Landfill Pass: Annual Landfill passes are available at the Township Hall Monday-Thursday 7am-5pm