Van Buren Township

Railroad Crossing Closures June 20th to June 23rd 2023

RAILROAD  crossings CLOSURES June 20th to June 23rd 

Latest Update from Norfolk and Southern June 15th,  2023

Norfolk Southern has provided the Township with an updated projection for their dual rail installation project. Norfolk Southern’s estimate is that each crossing will be closed for 36-48 hours. The railroad will be replacing railroad ties and rails and paving/repairing all crossings. *Including the incomplete paving on the previously worked-on crossings*.

Norfolk Southern anticipates the following rail crossing closures:

▪️ Hannan Rd: 06/20/2023 to 06/22/2023
▪️ Haggerty Rd: 06/21/2023 to 06/23/2023
▪️ E. Huron River Dr: 06/21/2023 to 06/23/2023
▪️ Martinsville Rd: 06/22/2023 to 06/23/2023 

This project will not affect emergency responses; we will adjust and deploy our resources accordingly. The federal government regulates railroads. Local units of government (including Van Buren Township) do not have authority over issues concerning trains/crossings. To contact Norfolk Southern with questions or concerns, they can be reached at 800-453-2530
The Public Safety Department will continue to communicate with Norfolk Southern in an effort to provide our residents with as much information as possible regarding possible closings. Any information/changes we receive will be disseminated to the public as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience with this project.