Van Buren Township

$1.6 Billion Manufacturing Campus Coming to Van Buren Township

Van Buren Township selected as home for massive $1.6 billion investment of Michigan-Based Our Next Energy (ONE) for its Battery Manufacturing Campus. The facility will be one of the few wholly US-owned manufacturers of both LFP and anode-free cells in the country and secures 2,112 jobs within Van Buren Township, solidifying the Township’s position as a leader of mobility and electrification in the Midwest.
The development also offers a local boon to the local economy and job opportunities, in consideration of the Community Benefits Incentive Program recently adopted by the Board of Trustees in the Spring of 2021. The benefits package includes benefits to community in the form of local talent recruitment and training programs (like job fairs), priority toward hiring local contractors in the build of the facility and other community improvement and enrichment incentives.
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