Van Buren Township



There are many roads in Van Buren Township that could use you and your organization or business’s help.  Do you notice the trash that can accumulate on the shoulders of our roads?   Well you no longer have to watch it go by in a blur – you can participate in the stewardship of our roadsides and set a good example for the community while promoting your organization or business.  You can do all of this by being involved in a free program called Adopt-A-Road from Wayne County.

Quick Facts on the Adopt-A-Road program

  • Participants adopt one mile or more of road to keep clean for a time period of three or more years.
  • Cleanup occurs a minimum of four times a year.
  • Wayne County supplies safety vests, trash bags, and trash pickup after the cleanup.
  • The name of your group will be publicized on Adopt-A-Road signs at your roadside site for travelers and residents to see.
  • It’s a great opportunity for all types of organizations, including scout troupes, small and large businesses, churches, youth groups, and service organizations.
  • For further information and to pick you location please call the Wayne County Division of Roads at 734-955-2290 or visit their website.

Please call to adopt your favorite road and your group can join the groups that have already adopted roads in the Township

  • HLF Furniture, Inc.
  • Van Buren Eagles Aerie 3996
  • Denton Village Community Committee
  • Van Buren Township Environmental Commission
  • Van Buren School Bus Drivers – Aides
  • Friends and Neighbors For a Cleaner Community