Van Buren Township

Fire Fleet

Vehicles are an important part of firefighting. Specialized vehicles allow our firefighters to fight fires, respond to medical emergencies, transport personnel and medical equipment or allow access to buildings not accessible from the ground level.  Learn more about what each vehicles does, how it helps in each situation, and what type of emergency it is best suited for.


The department currently has 4 Fire Engines, 1 Heavy Rescue, 1 Ladder Tower, 1 Emergency Medical Services Vehicle, 2 Utility Vehicles, and 4 Administrative/ Support Vehicles. They are positioned strategically between the two fire stations in order to get the best use out of them based on statistical data and demographics.

Engine 1 – Is A 2004 Pierce Enforcer that served a primary Duty Crew engine for several years, and is now a reserve engine with 156,000 miles. It is licensed as a Basic Life Support vehicle, carries the Jaws of Life, Ice/Water rescue equipment, and forcible entry tools. It is scheduled to hopefully be replaced in 2022 on the departments apparatus replacement plan. 

Fire Engine
Engine 2 – Is a  2018 Smeal. E2 serves as the main fire engine for the North Duty Crew. Engine 2 is licensed as a Basic life support unit carrying an AED, Lucas device and the Jaws of Life, Ice/water rescue equipment, and forcible entry tools.

Engine 3Engine 3 – Is a 2017 Smeal. E3 serves as the main fire engine for the South Duty Crew. Engine 3 is licensed as a Basic life support unit carrying an AED, Lucas device and the Jaws of Life, Ice/water rescue equipment, and forcible entry tools.

Engine 4Engine 4 – Built on a Spartan Gladiator chassis. E4 was purchased from Spencer Manufacturing in in 2008 and placed into service in 2009. E4 is a reserve engine after serving as a primary engine for several years. It carries foam, also licensed as a basic life support vehicle, Jaws of Life, Ice/Water rescue equipped and other specialized equipment.

Tower 2Tower 2 –A 2018 Smeal 100ft platform. Tower 2 responds out of Station 2 on Belleville Rd to all Commercial, multi-family, and multi-story fire/rescue calls. It also responds in an auto aid agreement with City of Belleville Fire Department for their senior living buildings and Belleville High School.

Fire FleetUtility 2 – Is a 2001 Pierce Mini-pumper built on a Ford F550 chassis. Originally built as a mini-pumper specializing in putting out grassfires, Utility 2 faced its’ first conversion when it became one of the department’s first Duty Crew trucks (eventually being replaced by a fire engine) in 2004. The vehicle currently stores most of our traffic control barricades which is easily transported to the scene when roadways need to be secured from vehicle traffic.

Dive TrailerDive Trailer – 019 trailer purchased with an on board generator. The trailer houses the Underwater Search and Recovery Teams (a.k.a. “Dive Team”) equipment. The team is made up of both Van Buren Police officers and Van Buren Fire Fighters. The trailer is housed at station one.  

Smoke HouseThe Smokehouse – Was originally a joint venture between the City of Belleville Fire Department, Sumpter Township Fire Department, and the Van Buren Fire Department. There were donations collected from the tri-community area to purchase the Smokehouse in an effort to educate children about the dangers of fire, developing an escape plan, and getting out of a room/ home safely. The Smokehouse is requested throughout the year by neighborhood groups, subdivisions, and schools.