Van Buren Township



To submit an Ordinance violation, complete the "Ordinance Violation Form", found at the bottom of this page, or contact the Public Safety dispatch center at: (734) 699-8930.

Upon notification or discovery that an ordinance violation exists, the Ordinance Department will follow this general outline:

  1. An Ordinance Officer will visit the property to assess the nature of the violation and will attempt to make contact with the property owner. If the property owner is not available, the officer will leave a "Notice Of Violation" including a description of the offense, and a request for the property owner to correct the violation. 
  2.  A code enforcement case is opened by the Ordinance Officer and a case number is assigned. 
  3.  A re-inspection is scheduled within 1-14 days (the date of re-inspection is defined by the local code of ordinances and differs by violation).  Property owners seeking to request an extension to gain compliance must make a request in writing to the Ordinance Department. In some cases, extensions are granted if reasonable efforts have been made towards compliance. 
    *It is important to note that the Ordinance Officer must be able to personally view the violation from the public street or driveway. It may be necessary to provide the Ordinance Officer with consent to enter your property to view the violation.
  4. After the re-inspection, if the violation remains (i.e. overgrown grass/weeds, snow on sidewalks, etc.) the Township will deploy a contractor to mitigate the violation. The responsible party will be billed for the mitigation of the violation, and a service fee will be added to the contractor's cost. A citation will be issued to the responsible party(s) and forwarded to the 34th District court for adjudication.  Some violations may result in a payable civil infraction citation/ticket, and in cases of a misdemeanor violation, the responsible party(s) will be required to appear in person at the 34th District Court.
    *Please note: The responsible party is still responsible for correcting the violation even after payment of fines/costs to the 34th District Court.  A new citation may be issued for each additional day that an unresolved violation remains. 
  5.  Repeat offenders/reoccurring violations may incur increased fines and costs assessed by the court.

The Ordinance Department is here to serve the best interests of the community acting under the authority and direction of Township ordinances.  Ordinance Officers work collaboratively with residents and business owners to resolve ordinance violations.  The officers are also available to meet with residential and business groups in an effort to increase awareness and understanding of ordinance requirements.

Use the form below to report an ordinance violation: 

Ordinance Violation Form


A specific address is important. If an address is unavailable then list the property as being in a direction immediately (north, south, east or west of) a known address. If the location is a vacant property please provide the known addresses of the properties bordering the location of the comlaint.