Van Buren Township

Classes & Programs

Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program (A.F.E.P.) - Stay Active! Open to all with emphasis on relieving symptoms associated with arthritis. Most exercises are done sitting in a chair. Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 9:30- l 0: 15 am. Purchase $20.00 punch card at office. 

Beginner Tai Chi- If you're curious about Tai Chi, and would like to give it a try, join our Tai Chi for Arthritis 
class. Tai Chi has been shown to improve balance and prevent falls, and the "Sun style" of Tai Chi is especially appropriate for seniors, beginners, or people with arthritis. Each class will begin with gentle warm-up exercises, and you'll learn a new movement each week.Tuesdays l :00 pm- 2:00 pm. Purchase $24.00 punch card at office. 

Beginning Sewing - Learn the fundamentals of sewing on a sewing machine (bring your own sewing machine and materials)). l st Monday starting in June from l 0:00 am-12:00 pm. Limited capacity. Call the office to register. 

Bingo - Save your pennies for an afternoon of fun. Bring your pennies & snacks. Card selection at noon - games begin at l 2:30 pm on Fridays. 

Blood Pressure Checks - Regular monitoring is associated with better BP control and can reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, kidney disease, and may also prevent cognitive decline. Drop-in Mondays from 9:00 am-noon. 

Card-Making -Take greeting cards to a whole new level by designing and personalizing your own cards. Meets on the l st & 3rd Thursday, from l 0:00 am - 12:00pm. $5.00, includes supplies! 

Cardio Drumming - Cardio drumming utilizes drumsticks, an exercise ball and a stand to create one of the most fun workouts you will ever do. Mondays at 11 :30 am. $15.00 punch cards at the office. 

Crochet/Knitting Class - Bring your own project or come and learn a new stitch. This group meets Tuesdays at 12:00 pm.

Diamond Dotz for Beginners - Jump on the bandwagon with this latest craze of creating pictures using diamond dotz. Kits are available for purchase or you can supply your own. 2nd Monday beginning in June, l 0 am-12pm. Register at the office. 

Fitness Room - The Senior Center offers a great fitness room with equipment ranging from treadmills, stationary bikes, to total body workout equipment. Available for use Monday-Friday, 7:30 am-3:30 pm. No fee. Senior members only please. 

Foot Doctor - Dr. Robert Lubin specializes in general foot care. Call the Center for an appointment. Fees and billing are handled directly through the Doctor. 

Game Day - If you enjoy playing board games or cards this is for you. Join us for your favorite games while meeting new people and socializing. Games such as Scrabble, Dominoes, Farkle and Euchre are available or you're welcome to bring your own. l st & 3rd Thursday from l :00-3:00 pm in the Library. 

Gift Shop - Handcrafted items available for purchase. Open Monday-Friday l 0am - 2:00pm. 

Jewel Beading - Learn many different techniques of jewel beading and how to repair jewelry. Make beautiful gifts for family and friends. Thursdays at 12:00 pm. No fee for class - see instructor for material costs. 

Newsletter Day - This wonderful group makes it possible for all members to receive the Van Buren Senior Center Newsletter. They always have fun assembling the newsletter for mailing. Come on out and volunteer. If you would like to help, call the Center, and we will put your name on our list of helpers. 

Norwegian Massage - Treat yourself to a wonderful therapeutic massage. Call Sissel at 734-340-3766 to schedule an appointment (offsite). Fees vary depending on the length of massage. 

Pickleball - A fun sport that combines many elements of tennis, badminton and ping pong. Indoor court is available on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from l :00-3:30 pm. Purchase $20.00 punch cards at the office. 

Pool Players - Come one, come all! The Center has pool tables available for informal play. Have fun and test your ability. Drop in anytime between 7:30 am-3:30 pm. No fee. Must be current member. 

Quilt Classes - Welcome new and experienced quilters. This group works on individual projects as well as mission projects. Come on out and enjoy the art of quilting and the camaraderie of the group. Instructor is here Tuesdays at 12:00 pm, $2.00 fee. We Care Quilting crafts quilts to donate in the community. They meet on the 2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month from 12:30-3:30 pm. 

Sew Your Own Project - Each month participants will work on a different project such as making a shopping or walker bag, microwave cozy or baked potato zapper. Supplies available for purchase ($7-1 O) from instructor. 3rd Monday beginning in June, l O am- 12:00 pm. Register at the office. 

Tai Chi - Increase your balance and mobility with the slow, fluid movements of Tai Chi. It is fun, relaxing, reduces stress and improves balance and flexibility.Tuesdays at 1 l :30 am. Purchase $24.00 punch card at office. 

Trivia - Test your trivia skills and see how much you know - or don't know! Categories include history, people, events, geography, food, sports & more. 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month at noon. No fee. 

Yoga - Learn to relax with slow, gentle movements and correct breathing. Introduce yoga into your everyday life and gain strength and flexibility. No experience required; you only need to bring a mat. Meets on Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 am. Purchase $28.00 punch card from the office. 

Zumba Gold - This class will motivate you to move while having fun. Learn dance moves to Latin and International music. Ongoing - Monday, Wednesday and Friday at l 0:30 am. 10 class punch cards for $30.00 - purchase directly from instructor. 

For additional information on classes, programs, workshops or events, stop by the Van Buren Senior Center at 13770 Haggerty Rd Van Buren Township, Michigan 48111 or call our office at 734-699-891 8.