Van Buren Township

Water Meter Upgrade

Van Buren Township is working with Professional Meters Inc (PMI) to upgrade existing water meters throughout the Van Buren community. This is a step toward a more modernized metering system which will help the community to better manage its water resources.

When it is your time to receive a water meter you will receive a mailer or door hanger with the following information:

The water meter upgrade is at no cost to the customer. An appointment will need to be scheduled to replace the water meter. 

  • Someone age 18 or older must be present during the installation which usually takes about 30 minutes during which time the water will be shut off.
  • The water meter is typically located inside, near the main water shut-off valve. The meter needs to be accessible to the installer. Installers will be screened daily, practice social distancing, and be wearing proper PPE. 
  • We ask that customers observe the practices of mask wearing and social distancing during the scheduled meter installation.
To schedule an appointment, call 1-866-965-0657 (toll free).

If you have additional questions please call 734-699-8900