Van Buren Township

Van Buren Hosts Informational Denton Road Bridge Public Meeting

Van Buren Township hosted a public meeting on Thursday, February 9, 2023, to provide updates regarding the closure of the Denton Road Bridge.

In addition to Van Buren Township and Belleville residents, attendees included State Representative Reggie Miller, State Senator Darrin Camilleri, Wayne County Commissioner Al Haidous, a representative of Congresswoman Debbie Dingel, other Wayne County and Township Officials, and residents.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the meeting:
  • The Denton Road Bridge was closed on October 4, 2022, due to safety concerns following a bridge inspection which showed that the underground wooden pilings on the bridge's east abutment were no longer resting on its supports.
  • Due to the age of the structure and the scope of repairs needed, the bridge has been recommended for a complete reconstruction.
  • Van Buren Township is continuing to work with our partners at Wayne County and the State to help move this project forward as quickly as possible.
  • On Tuesday, February 7, 2023, the Board of Trustees approved sending a letter of intent to Wayne County to approve an agreement that allows us to use our Township engineers to complete the preliminary engineering and permitting process for the Denton Road Bridge project to save time and begin the process as quickly as possible.
  • The goal of the Township is to reduce the timeline for the project from 3-4 years to 2-2.5 years.
  • While the bridge remains closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic, the Township has been advised by Wayne County that it is safe to travel under the bridge by boat. However, boaters are advised that normal precautionary measurements and safety rules must always be considered when crossing under any bridge. 
  • The Van Buren Fire Department added an ambulance response from the North station when available on Belleville Rd in an attempt to lower response time. 
  • In response to the closure of the bridge, the Police Department has reviewed the situation and determined that the closure has minimal impact on patrol operations deployment strategies to the Bay Shore/North Shore residential area.
  • The Township Public Services department has requested that Wayne County complete additional maintenance on Beckley Road between Denton Road and the I-94 S. Service Drive in anticipation of greater traffic volumes.

Thank you to everyone who attended Thursday's meeting. To view the meeting in its entirety, click here.