Van Buren Township

Van Buren Township Declares January Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

On January 17th 2023, Van Buren Charter Township Board of Trustees issued a Proclamation Declaring January the Cervical Cancer Awareness Month.

Jennifer Nagy, a long time resident of Van Buren Township took the stand and thanked the Board for supporting this initiative. She also shared her own personal battle with cervical cancer. "In 2008 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, after my regular screening!  I was just newly married and honestly it was a shock. I lost my ability to have kids due to the surgery I had" said Jennifer.

Jennifer works for the American Cancer Society and her job is her passion. After fighting cervical cancer, she understands the importance of staying informed and having access to resources. She says "Many people need to understand how important prevention and screening are and the need to take it seriously".

The HPV vaccine ( a cancer prevention vaccine) works best when given to kids between ages 9 to 12 and can help eliminate up to 6 cancers (one of them being cervical).

Jennifer says..." I did not have this opportunity when I was young to get this vaccine and now I will do my best to help the community understand the importance and facts about how important this vaccine is for our youth".

Van Buren Township is proud to support the American Cancer Society National Roundtable on Cervical Cancer coordinated efforts that will accelerate the elimination of cervical cancer primarily by addressing health disparities.

There is still time to make your voice heard! Fill out the survey. Deadline to complete: January 20, 2023. 



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