Van Buren Township

Van Buren Police Honored by MACP, Board Honors Public Safety Director Greg Laurain

On Tuesday, February 15th, in a historic Board of Trustees Meeting, members of the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police presented members of the Van Buren Township Police Department with an official Certification of Police Accreditation Status. Robert Stevenson, Director of the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police, Neal Rosso, Director of Professional Development/Accreditation Program Director, and Chief Ron Wiles, President of the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police, all spoke on behalf of the Van Buren Police Department, celebrating their accomplishment. This is the first time that the Department has earned its Accreditation status, and will continue to pursue it by recertifying every three years. 

Public Safety Director Greg Laurain, Chief of Police Jason Wright, and Accreditation Managers Adam Byrd and Louis Keele, also accepted a joint Proclamation from the Board of Trustees on behalf of the Van Buren Police Department for its achievement. 

"This was a monumental task that you took on, and you succeeded. The real winners here are the residents of Van Buren Township, and they can know that we have reached the higher level of Policing," said Trustee Kevin Martin.

Afterward, the Board of Trustees honored Public Safety Director Greg Laurain for his distinguished career of over forty years with the Van Buren Police Department. After a long tenure serving the Township, Laurain is retiring. Pursuing the Accreditation status for the Department was spearheaded by Laurain, and is one of his many accomplishments. The Board of Trustees gave thanks to Laurain for his outstanding service, and voiced their appreciation:

"I was very proud when he was sworn in as an officer, and the other guys that had hung in with us until we could make them all full-time officers. It's something, but he's probably one of the only [officers] left in that position where he started out with us, and now he's going to end his career with us. I don't like saying goodbye, so I'm not going to say goodbye, but I'm so proud of what you've done for this Township, and what you've done for this Department. Thank you so much," said Treasurer Sharry Budd.

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